Being "Too" Sensitive

Photo: Mavenly + Co.

Photo: Mavenly + Co.

“Note to Self: If someone hurls the world “sensitive” at you like an insult, you catch that sucker, put it on a pretty ribbon, and wear it around your neck like the medal it is. Sensitive? HELL, YES. I feel ALL the things. I use every part of my heart, and I’m proud of it.” -Nanea Hoffman

For my entire life, I’ve been branded “dramatic” and “sensitive.” I was always told I was “too” something. All of these words have a negative connotation associated with them and are stigmatized in our society. We don’t celebrate people who are in touch with their emotions and express them. I often felt like an outsider and a freak of nature. I started to think of myself as out of control and borderline crazy. I wasn’t. I just had emotions I didn’t know how to process.

I’m different. I feel things on a much deeper level than most people. I can watch a trailer or a commercial and cry in a matter of seconds. That doesn’t make me “unstable” or out of control; it just makes me different. And instead of thinking of it as a bad thing, I’m finally believing it’s a good thing after years of struggling with it and hating myself for it. I will experience life fully and on a deeper level because of my sensitive nature. That is a gift, one of my greatest qualities, and one of my super powers. Let’s stop judging so much and celebrate people who are sensitive! There’s nothing wrong with having feelings and being vulnerable. We just might learn something from them along the way!

Meg Coogan