Divine Storm

Photo: Mavenly + Co.

Photo: Mavenly + Co.

A Divine Storm is a period of time (can be short or long) where it feels like the world is against you and everything is falling apart, going wrong, and it seems like there is no way out. We’ve all been through this on a small or large scale. Maybe everything that can possibly go wrong in a day does. Maybe your friendships change out of nowhere. Maybe you are faced with an unexpected move or career change. This seems like a bad, overwhelming thing, right? WRONG.

Divine Storms are good. They happen for a reason (though it doesn’t feel like that while they’re happening). It’s the universe’s way of coming in, clearing out what you no longer need, and pointing you towards a new path that offers growth. Of course it doesn’t feel good while it’s happening and sometimes it feels like there’s no end in sight. We’ve all asked questions like why is this happening to me? Why does God want me to be in pain? What did I do wrong? Will this ever end? What is the point of this? But there is always a reason. You may be in pain but you will come out the other side and at the very least learn something you wouldn’t have otherwise, which is the very definition of growth right?

I wanted to share Mastin Kipp’s (creator of TheDailyLove.com and world renowned life coach) story to give everyone a little bit of hope whether they’re going through their own Divine Storm, have gone through one, and may go through one in the future.

At the age of 21, Mastin Kipp dropped out of college at USC to take a position as a SVP of A&R at Geffen Records. Being an executive in the music industry at this age is pretty much unheard of. Mastin was living the fast life. He lived in a house in the Hollywood Hills, had money, drove a fancy car, and had celebrity friends. His life was going well and he had more abundance than he could’ve imagined. After two months, he was fired due to his excessive partying and drug use. And that wasn’t even rock bottom. In addition to being a music executive, he had started a clothing line that was sold in stores like Planet Blue, Kitson, and other popular stores in Los Angeles. The recession hit and the line collapsed. Then things got worse. He parted ways with his business partner, was kicked out by his roommate, his back went out, he got gout in his foot, and he girlfriend broke up with him. He had nowhere to live, no job, and no source of income. His ex-girlfirend’s parents took pity on him and let him move into a tiny Hollywood apartment they owned that could only fit his mattress. He started searching. He started religiously going to yoga classes and reading self-help books. Then he discovered Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins is one of the most successful coaches on the planet. Google him if you don’t know who he is or watch his documentary on Netflix. After he found Tony, something clicked. He began tweeting and blogging what he was learning, inspirational quotes, ideas, etc. with no intention of it turning into anything. In 2009, Kim Kardashian saw one of his tweets and retweeted it. His life changed in that instant. He was contacted by people like Oprah to share his spiritual journey, beliefs, and insights. He now has a very successful business.

The point is Mastin went through hell and lost everything, but he came out on the other side. If you’re having a bad day or things aren’t going your way, just remember Mastin came out on the other side and you can too. And remember, Oprah wasn’t built in a day.

Meg Coogan