Love Yourself

Photo: Mavenly + Co.

Photo: Mavenly + Co.

“So many years of education yet nobody ever taught us how to love ourselves and why it’s so important.” -unknown

All of us have heard someone say “no one can love you until you love yourself.” Every time I used to hear this phrase I would get annoyed and tense up. What do you mean no one will love me if I don’t love myself? Wasn’t it enough if I just liked some parts, tolerated some parts, and ignored some parts? But LOVE-are you kidding me? That sounded borderline cocky to me. It also sounded like something a fraud would say to impress and fool the world, but they weren’t getting past me!

I’m a romantic. My head lives in the clouds. I dreamed of a man pretty much falling from the sky, falling in love with me at first sight (after I flipped my hair in a crowded restaurant looking like a million bucks-think movie scene), or just being there one day to “complete” me and make me whole. He would make me whole, and then I would love myself. That’s how it works, right?

WRONG. We are all created to be beings of love. That is literally our only job. We are not meant to spread hate, judgment, resentment, evil, negativity, gossip, toxicity, or anything else BUT love. We were given this life out of LOVE from the man upstairs and between our parents who gave us this life. And most importantly that love starts inside with ourselves, not from someone else (that’s just a bonus). I cannot spread any form of love if I don’t love myself, because until I do love myself it is essentially a foreign concept. It’s like giving someone great advice but not taking it yourself. Or telling someone how to drive when you’ve never been behind the wheel.

Take a minute to love yourself. Celebrate all parts of you because that is what makes you unique and special. There is no one else like you in this world and there never will be. You won’t feel like this every day and it’s not easy. It’s something we all have to work on and put into practice every day. Of course we will fail and of course some days we will be mean, negative, nasty, irritable, a drag, and feel like giving up. No one is perfect. It’s just about being willing to try and reset whenever we lose our way. And this is for YOU, not anyone else. Just start with one small thing you like about yourself every day- it might not be the same every day. Then it will grow as you become more comfortable. They do not teach us this in school (they should, it would be very helpful to have known then what I know now) so let’s help and teach each other!

Today I love that I am brave.

Meg Coogan